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Research activities

I am a researcher in cosmology, the area of physics devoted to the understanding of our universe's global properties and evolution. This vast field lays at the interface between theoretical physics, particle physics and astrophysics. My original background is rather in theoretical physics, but as time passed by, I got closer and closer to astrophysics, with a particular interest for the theoretical interpretation of astrophysical observations relevant for cosmology and particle physics. I am a member of the Planck satellite collaboration and of the Euclid satellite collaboration.
I am specialized in modeling the evolution of cosmological perturbations, starting from their generation (presumably during a stage in the early universe called inflation). Cosmological perturbations are responsible for cosmic microwave background anisotropies and for the formation of the large scale structure of the universe. Observing these quantities allows cosmologists to derive bounds and constraints on cosmological parameters, and on various possible extensions of the minimal cosmological scenario.
These issues are intimately related to the dark matter and dark energy problems, as well as other fascinating questions like the role of neutrinos in cosmology, or like possible observable consequences of high energy physics models (supersymmetry, string theory, large extra dimensions, modifications of gravity...)


My list of publication is avalaible e.g. from the SLAC server .

Buy my book on Neutrino Cosmology, written with my friends Gianpiero Mangano, Rino Miele and Sergio Pastor! (Also available in eBook format)


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Besides my wife Isabelle and my three daugthers Constance, Apolline and Diane, my main passions are:
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