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The CLASS Tour: King's & UCL, London, 11-16 May 2014

London Hack Days on the CMB, CLASS and Monte Python

by Benjamin Audren, Julien Lesgourgues, Thomas Tram, Jesus Torrado

    Cosmological perturbation theory, CMB physics and their implementation in the CLASS code

  • Lecture 1: General introduction to CLASS (motivations, overall structure, basic input and output, principle of the input module)
  • Lecture 2: Homogeneous Cosmology and the background module
  • Lecture 3: Thermal History and the thermodynamics module
  • Lecture 4: Cosmological Perturbations and the perturbation module
  • Lecture 5: Initial Conditions and the primordial module
  • Lecture 6: Non-linear corrections and the nonlinear module. Harmonic transfer Functions and the transfer module
  • Lecture 7: The spectra, lensing and output modules. Propspects and bibliography
  • Focus on specialised topics in CLASS

  • Lecture I: Advanced numerical numerical methods
  • Lecture II: Implementation of massive neutrinos or other types of non-cold dark matter
  • Lecture III: Implementation of polarisation and of spatial curvature
  • Lecture IV: Implementation of non-trivial species (decaying dark matter, quintessence, ...)
  • Lectures by Benjamin Audren: Parameter extraction and Monte Python

  • Lecture A: Parameter inference from data
  • Lecture B: Introduction to Monte Python
  • Lecture C: Basic usage of Monte Python
  • Lecture D: Avanced usage of Monte Python
  • Lecture E: Using Multinest in Monte Python
  • Lecture F: Introduction to git repositories and automatic testing
Big thanks to the organisers of this workshop and of the other CLASS Tour workshops, in particular: Axel De La Macorra, Ivan Rodriguez, Eiichiro Komatsu, Jochen Weller, Dani Figueroa, Ruth Durrer, Eugen Lim, Hiranya Peiris, Licia Verde, Antonio Cuesta.

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